The Women’s Writing Group will meet ongoing at the Morning Glory Center for Creative Healing in downtown Wake Forest. Spots will open up to write with this delightful group of creative women from healing and service backgrounds. If you are interested and would like to learn more, please contact me directly.


Begin Again




A piece of my Great Grandparent’s house.









It’s wonderful to be back! With the support of several strong and soulful women, I’m announcing a new women’s writing group beginning July 21st! We will do what we always do; meet four weeks in a row then consider ongoing options. Some past writers are returning and new ones joining. There are not many spots left. Please contact me for location and details.

I can’t post without bragging about the teen group. They are still writing together! Dedicated. Creative. Ambitious. Earnest. Humanitarians. That’s them.  






The date is set: May 18th from 3-6 pm. Women Writers will gather at my home to work on their writing in a supportive setting.

Enough have signed up to get the group in motion, and there are three spots left.

Please contact me if you’re interested. Writers of all levels are welcome.
We will discuss the opportunity for something ongoing then.

Exciting news to report: I recently partnered with Paula Smith to co-lead a three-week teen prompt writing workshop at a local middle school. Like the other group, the writers have no intention on stopping. This group will be ongoing after school.
Paula Smith has an English degree from Clemson University. She has edited short story collections and leads teen groups.

With the expansion and success of these groups, Paula and I are in the process of formalizing our programs.
Links to our website and updates will be posted here soon.

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who support us!

I’m pleased to announce a one-day teen prompt workshop on April 26th from 1-4. The group will meet at the Storyteller’s bookstore in downtown Wake Forest. I will be co-leading with my writing partner, Paula Smith. The flyer went out last week and there are now only two spots left so contact me asap if you’re interested.

See the WF tab for details.

To all those talented women writers in Raleigh and Wake Forest: Thank you for probing about another women’s prompt group. I will host a one-day group at my home this spring. We will discuss an ongoing option that day. Please contact me if you’d like to join. As always, the group size will be limited and a few are already committed.

I’ll be posting the date within a few weeks.

Hope to see you.

Summer Writing


It has been a great summer of writing! The teen group is still going strong. This summer they gathered their stories for a published collection.

Some women from past groups have expressed an interest in another four-week workshop so I am looking at dates and will post them here soon.

Also, more teens are coming forward about writing together. With the Arca group full, we are looking at ways to create an opening for another group. Please keep checking back here for updates.